Causes of hypertension in older adults, Racial and Aging Effects of Acute Antioxidant Supplementation

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University of Illinois at Chicago Rövid összefoglaló This research is,being done to better understand how antioxidants vitamins C, E and Alpha Lipoic Acid af,f,ect the heart,and arteries. For this study, we will obtain blood samples to measure oxidative stress markers substances in the blood that are linked to oxidative stresscholesterol, insulin and blood glucose sugaras well as measure how well the heart and arteries are working following supplementation with the antioxidants.

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Our central hypothesis is that acute antioxidant supplementation will improve arterial function at rest and during exercise in African Americans without an impact of age, whereas aging will modify these effects in Caucasians. Részletes leírás The overall goal of this application is to investigate the effect of aging on how acute antioxidant supplementation affects causes of hypertension in older adults in arterial function observed in African Americans AA.

Additionally, this application will facilitate the applicant's emergence as an independent investigator in integrative clinical physiology.


Oxidative stress OScontributes to hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, atherosclerosis, sepsis and aging. Increased OS leads to the development of endothelial dysfunction and subsequent development of cardiovascular disease through the inactivation of nitric oxide NO by superoxide O2 melissa és magas vérnyomás other free radicals.

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African Americans AA have increased OS and inflammation in vivo and in vitro, and have a lower serum concentration of most antioxidants. Endothelium-derived NO is a vasodilator and inhibits monocyte adhesion and platelet activity and therefore is important in the maintenance of vascular homeostasis.

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These specific differences in OS could be a contributing mechanism to the high prevalence of cardiovascular disease, especially hypertension and heart failure, observed in AA. Aging causes increases in OS, endothelial dysfunction, and decreased arterial compliance, thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Acute supra-physiological dosages of antioxidants have been shown to transiently restore endothelial function in older adults and patients with coronary artery disease and hypertension by scavenging free radicals.

However, it is unknown if acute antioxidant supplementation can diminish differences in vascular function between AA and Caucasians CA. It is also unknown if acute antioxidant supplementation with known efficacy will differentially affect blood flow in AA vs CA during exercise.

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